Riding: Noises.

Five years on, and I still haven’t learned how to not concentrate on that clicking sound. It’s not the same one by the way, it’s not even on the same bike. Noises come, noises go, but I still fret over every one. I am doing something that should be relaxing, I should be able to blot this out, goodness knows I ride with some people that can complete ignore the much worse noises their bikes make on rides. So why do I let it bug me so much?

When I last wrote about that clicking sound, I didn’t work in the bike trade but was only months away from doing so. Whilst I’m not a bike mechanic, I still get to get my hands dirty every now again and still get to talk to customers about noises their bikes are making. In my head I sound more frustrated than they do. I’m certainly not saying that I either care more, or that my own bike matters more than there’s, but it bothers me so much. In the grand scheme of things I have really easy access to a mechanic, and can get a discount on any parts that I would require, is it really shouldn’t matter as much as it does.

Reading back what I wrote last time it seems like I was enjoying the puzzle of trying to work out what it was, but I don’t feel like that any more. Which suggests then that it’s me, not the clicking, that the problem is me… so how do I fix that…?


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