Again with the spoilers.

Being spoiled by news outlets and websites is one thing, but when it is by a film or television’s own marketing department that is something else entirely. It comes across as being either desperate, or clumsy, and I’m not certain which is worse.

The latest season of Doctor Who has just finished. The last two episodes were two of the best episodes there have been in quite a while. However, they would have been so much stronger, the penultimate one especially, if we hadn’t been shown who was going to be in them. To make matters worse, they revealed two different advisories. They’ve kept big secrets before, so I have no idea why they chose not to this time. It was said in the press that the BBC had to announce one of them as it had been leaked by a newspaper. The newspaper however hadn’t found this out, they had been shown it by the BBC. I cannot fathom why. So in the build up episode for the finale it’s clear that those poor things there are going to be ***** (not the right amount of asterisks on purpose), and when are we going to see *****? If they would have left it to you you to figure out the first, then it would have been unlikely that you would have expected another reveal never mind guessed what or who it was.

It is disappointing that this happened, and in this instance I don’t know if it was the BBC or the production team themselves that was at fault here. The production team definitely made an unusual misstep with the entire 8th episode, The Lie of the Land, specifically however the fake regeneration. The only purpose of which it appears to serve is to have in the trailers. It’s been announced that Capaldi is leaving, so the Doctor will regenerate, we don’t necessarily need to see it. Not least a fake one. It also didn’t need to be in that episode. None of the characters knew what a regeneration looks like, so it was entirely for us. Which again, takes something away from the last two episodes.

To be continued…


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