Running: What is it for?

A long time ago I ran through town. I have no idea idea why. Later Mighty told some of our friends that I had such a funny run, and that I run just like Alan Partridge. Now, I didn’t think Alan Partridge had a funny run. I’ve watched it since to check, and I still don’t. So what’s so funny about the way I run? Is this the reason that I don’t like running, and that it hurts my legs for days? I must be doing it wrong.

Running does hurt me, and I just can’t do it. I’m out of breath immediately, and my legs remind me that I have run for at least a week afterwards. Granted I do know that if I were to stick with it I would find it easier, but I’m not sure that want to. My sister both run, and I have some friends that regularly take part in Park Runs. Looking at some of the runs they have posted on social media, I think that I am capable of covering the distances they are doing. There is no hope however that I would be able to talk them whilst doing one, or anyone else afterwards go that matter. I also don’t then want to be reminded for the next week that I went on a run by my own legs. I’ll just stick with the riding.


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