Karma for drunk Batman.

After mentioning karma in the last post, in a roundabout kind of way, I thought it was only fitting that I told you about some karma being served up on me.

I have long been a believer in karma. Not really in a spiritual way, but certainly in the universe balancing itself out. If I’ve ever felt the need to write a letter of complaint, I have only done so if I could also write someone else a letter of praise. Working in the service industry it was my reaction against those who only write in to have a moan, but never to praise. It was my way of balancing out what I was doing, in the hope that others would do the same. I’ve always had the intention of treating others as I would like to be treated, and again always spoken to people in shops (again because of the industry I’m in) in the same way I like to be spoken to.

However, what does any of this have to do with drunk Batman?

In my days of going out in town for the evening, or day, I undoubtedly drank far too much. Talking rubbish was at an all-time high, and behaviour at an all-time low. Fun was being had, but certainly at a cost. I once ran as fast as I could into a barrier surrounding a building site as I thought it would cheer up someone who was in a grump, which was fun for me until the moment I bounced back over the path and landed on my back in the middle of the road. Andy and I once ran over a road and jumped clean into a skip, unsighted, containing god knows what, just because we thought it would make a group of bouncers laugh. Now I’m not sure of the sight of us jumping in the skip did make them laugh, but us climbing out covered in wet cement definitely did.

This behaviour wasn’t just limited to being in town, as I could still get up to no good on the journey home. On the walk home to the flat we used to walk past the side of a house, a huge windowless wall with a badly fitted television aerial wire running most of the way up it and one Friday evening that wire got that better of me… Pulling it free from the bottom of the wall, I then tried to climb up the wall just like Adam West used to do in Batman. What could possibly go wrong? Well, if you speak to Andy nicely he may still be able to show you as he filmed it on his phone. I did when we got home, and then again the next morning over breakfast, just to make sure I wasn’t misremembering what I had done. It’s hard to tell as it’s dark, but I definitely climbed to a higher height than I am tall, and was pretty much in the same position as Batman and Robin used to get as they scaled walls in the sixties tv series. Except that I wasn’t climbing up a Batrope, or, spoiler alert, wasn’t actually pretending to climb whilst really on the floor… although, I soon would be. I’ve heard Andy tell other people this story, and as he likes to picture it is that a family were gathered around their television when all of a sudden it yanked back towards the wall were upon the aerial lead disappears through it. On the other side of he wall, with the lead now falling towards me, and nothing to hold me up, I fall and land flat on my back on the path. It’s at this point that Andy ran away, but I got straight back up and then followed him fast as I could. We laughed about it when we got home, and people laughed when Andy told the story the following day, but I then started to feel a little bad. I walked home from town a slightly different way that night. Head down, and kept myself to myself, no shenanigans. Neither Andy nor I mentioned it next day, and I tried not to think about it. However, the next morning when I went out to my car to drive to work I found that someone has smashed my windscreen with a brick. Directly connected or not, I knew that it was the universe balancing things out. I was annoyed, of course I was, but I don’t remember being upset or even surprised that it had happened. And whilst I still felt a lot of regret, remorse, and shame still for what I had done two nights previous, I also felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and that drunk Batman had paid his price.


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