Not so random.

This blog hasn’t been that random of late, and has predominantly been cycling based, but I am going to try to do something about this. The cycle heavy subject matter has been down to that essentially being the only thing thats in my head. When I started posting again at the beginning of March, the reason was to help me unwind at the weekend and to try not think so much about work… the work that I do with bikes, which is all I have been writing about. It did used to be a bit more varied, and I’m going to try drop in a few different subject over the next few weeks.

One thing that I’m keen to write about again is my fascination with time-travel. I have previously written about time-travel films, television, and books. But more importantly those that meant something to me. So with that in mind the one I’m going to start with is going to take me way back to 1991 to when both I and the protagonists of the film were still at school.

Before then however I’m going to write about another something else I’m fascinated by…


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