The wonder material?

I’ve written a few times about tires, and my love for one tire in particular… but I’ve strayed.1F2A98FF-6994-46EF-9B7C-06FB587D6AE9When I first got the De Rosa, it came fitted with a pair of Vittoria Rubinos. They had a white stripe on them that fitted well with the bike, they were brand new, so it seemed a waste to change them for my tyre of choice. When however it was then time to change them I went for another pair of Vittoria tyres, the Open Corsa SR. I hadn’t quite known grip like it. They were superb, and really gave me the confidence to throw the bike around and lay it down in the corners. This did come at a price though. Not only financial, but they didn’t seem to last that long.

By the time it came to swap the rear for the second time it was now fitted to the Ritchey. Vittoria had just released the Corsa G+ in anthracite, and these looked like they’d be great fit. Not only that but the G stands for Graphene, the new wonder material which amongst other things is meant to be much tougher and offer greater resistance against punctures. Except, that’s not what I’ve found at all, they certainly appear no more resistance to punctures than the Corsa SRs. I’m sure it’s not that I’ve just been particularly unlucky as I’ve gotten punctures in my house, and I’m talking about the result of an earlier puncture but air rushing out and going flat within seconds. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I will say however that my boss has exactly the same tyres, on two bikes, and hasn’t had the same issues so maybe I have just had a run of bad luck. It would be great to hear your views on these tyres.

Another benefit of the graphene when it’s used in a tyre is that the properties of the tyre compound alter dependant on how it it is being loaded. So when the tyre is rolling in a straight line it is hard wearing, but when it’s loaded from the side; through acceleration, or cornering, it softens to offer more grip. – Now I know what you’re thinking; How does it know? It’s like a Thermos flask, how does it know weather to keep the coffee hot, or the choc-ice cold? – Now I cannot say that this is something that I have noticed, but then my riding has slowed down considerably since the roundabout so I don’t think I’m pushing the tyres enough to witness a marked difference. Although, they are much more hard wearing than any othe Vittoria tyre I have used. If I’m brutally honest with myself on these tyres, and I know it will sound very shallow, I think I chose them on how they look…


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