I don’t think it’s that far off being warm enough to ride in shorts, and this can only mean one thing. Socks.IMG_4093Now I’m not 100% certain where my obsession with loud socks has come from, but I am pretty sure that it has something to do with my dad. If he was wearing new socks, more specifically socks that he’d received for Christmas, then you would know about. No matter when it was that he saw you, or where. He would regularly come in to where I was working, stand in the middle of the room, hitch up one if his trouser legs, and the point at his now exposed sock, and proudly declare; “Christmas socks.” He would then carry on like he hadn’t done anything in any way shape or form odd. It would not matter how many people were there, or whom; customers, my boss, my staff. However, this ‘should be embarrassing’ behaviour I always found hilarious. So now I’ve taken to buying loud socks for presents for him, just in case he happens to swing by where I now work.

Now, where were we? Warm weather, meaning shorts and loud socks. To be fair I tend to go for stripes more than anything else, but the louder and brighter the better. My shorts an helmet are black. My gloves and shoes are either white or black depending on the weather, and my jerseys are usually pretty sedate, so ridiculous socks are usually my only show of colour. But as you can see from the photo above, sometimes it’s all the colours.


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