Men who wave at trains.

Despite the fact that an owl flying next to the train I was on caused me briefly to wonder whether I was or not, I have never been on the Hogwarts Express. Neither have I ever been on the Orient Express or the Trans Siberian Express. I’m pretty certain too that I have never been on a steam train. All of which leads me to wonder why I see so many grown adults waving at whatever train I do happen to be on.

Now before you think I’m being grumpy again, I’m not, I’m most definitely not. It brightens my day. I have no idea why they do it. In fact, it would appear to be the action of a mentalist. Are they waving at the train, or the passengers on it? And if it is at the passengers, surely they cannot see if they ever get a response?

I know this would appear to be little hypocritical. In my last post I bemoaned those who show no sign whatsoever have acknowledging someone saying hello. These train wavers though do get a response from me. It’s not a wave, but it is a smile.


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      1. You know when you get off a bus and you thank the driver? I sometimes accidentally do that when I get off the train.

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