Smoothness is the key to increasing your speed.
How smooth you keep each individual pedal stroke, your cadence, your average speed, your cornering, and your bike. From the drivetrain, to the gear shifting, to the bearings. The smoother you can make these the faster your overall speed on a ride will be. The less energy you waste will mean that you will then be able to keep riding faster for longer. Or… at the very least, will give you one less thing to worry about so that you can enjoy the ride.

I’ve long been an advocate of listening to your bike. What is it telling you. With the exception of the final check of the limit screws on the front and rear derailleurs, the majority of my gear adjustment will be done through listening to them and then making any necessary adjustments. The rest of the drivetrain will be kept as clean and as well lubed as possible, with your lube of choice… which should be this; No.5 by Wickens & Soderstrom. Bearings, will only usually let you know if there’s something wrong by listening to them if the something is very wrong. A good indicator to how things are going can be done by feel. Hold the frame, and spin the wheels one at a time. If you can feel them spinning through the frame, they’re running either dry or rough and need attention. Obviously the key to this would be prevention, as in regular servicing, but I do realise that this isn’t for everyone. For those that can however you should be using the right grease, and the very best grease you can, to keep those bearings clean and running smooth. With that in mind I’m going to be servicing mine with some of the new No.2 HS grease by Wickens & Soderstrom. I’ll let you know how I get on…


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