Conversations at work.

It’s almost certainly a sign that the entire Ubyk team is passionate about the work we do, and the industry we work in, but never have I spent so much time talking to work colleagues about what we do…

Now, that my sound odd. But looking back at past jobs I would spend more time talking to colleagues about anything other than work, than we spent talking about work. Films, TV, cake, holidays… but almost certainly never anything ever work related. Clearly though I get paid now for my hobby… well, almost. And so does the rest of the team. So we’ll sit talking/squabbling over bikes, components, riding both inside and outside work.

Last Friday what stated as conversation inside work about how heavy the boss’s Zipp QR was, carried on into; sitting around the now empty closed shop, drinking beer, arguing over what sort of pump you should carry, and should it be on the bike or in your pocket. There is of course no right answer to this (I was arguing for a mini pump, plus gas canister, on the bike). To be fair, I think a lot of what we end up talking about has no right answer. Which is probably why we never reach a conclusion.

All of this is pretty nerdy… but it makes for a really good working environment.


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