I had finally sorted myself with a new pair of gloves, some quite frankly ridiculous gloves, and sorted out my cold fingers. I started to make a really good headway into this years riding target of 2,368 miles, and yet somehow I’ve hurt my back.

Regardless of whether I think I could manage a ride, or brave the weather, I can’t actually lift my bike down from the spare room anyway. Which put an end to me trying to ride in January more miles than I rode in January-March last year. Although, as I’ve already admitted, that wasn’t really a tough target to beat. My boss James has somehow managed to make me see the bright side in this yesterday with this comment on FB; “Mate don’t be stupid, you come off and hit your head and that’s it. Game over! There is ice on my path so there must be ice in areas of Banbury! I’m actually oddly glad you can’t ride then.”

The secret oil that I’ve been testing is still holding strong. My intention was to write a review once hitting the monthly target, so this will need to wait a little while. I will however say that the chain is still running silently and cleanly after 186 miles. It does appear to be pretty awesome… even if my back isn’t. Although, this is possibly just because I’m old now…


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