In need of new winter riding gloves.


If anyone please has any suggestions, then please let me know.

I have been using these SealSkinz wind proof ones for a few years now, and despite being the warmest gloves I have used up to that point, they just don’t seem to cut it. They just don’t seem to keep my fingers warm at all.

Cold feet I can cope with, and can ride through, but cold fingers I cannot deal with at all. I have returned from cold rides unable to undo my shoes, or the clasp on my helmet, and have had to ask for help. I’m a grown man, that’s just plain embarrassing.

Above all else I find it painful, surely there are some gloves out there to keep my fingers warm and toastie…?


8 thoughts on “In need of new winter riding gloves.

Add yours

      1. I have Craft “Storm” gloves. Shower proof, fleece lined, not too bulky, pretty warm and cost around £35. There are Rapha ones that are fully waterproof and Merino lined but thry cost £150. Which is s bit a bit of a gamble.
        Id also make sure you are doing things to keep your circulataroy function high, ie a yoga class once a week and also Eat plenty of iron rich foods, ie spinach and greens, red meat.

  1. Thank you for the tips Kaanage. The Rapha gloves are very appealing… but a little difficult to justify.

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