Eating cakes in the warm…

…instead of riding bikes in the cold.This was how I spent the last day of 2014 that I could’ve ridden. Although, I think I deserved it. Plus I’m old now (more on this coming soon).

I knew that I’d beaten the target that I’d belatedly set for the year, and whilst I could have made some headway into next years, I didn’t. I could give you load of reasons as to why I didn’t, but it would all be flannel. My total miles for this year then is 2,100, which was 86 miles over the target I set in August. However, that figure doesn’t include; the 76 miles of mountain biking I did, or the 77.5 miles of commuting, or the 6.3 miles I did test-riding the Look 795 Aerolite at the track around Lee Valley Velopark. Which would all combine to make the grand total of 2,260 miles. However… at the end of October I decided that I wanted to aim for 6,042 miles over 3 years.

So this leaves me with a target this year of 2,368 miles. So, here it goes…


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