I’m not the only one.

I had a text from a friend earlier in the week. A friend who sadly I don’t see anywhere near as much as I should. Anyway, this was the text;

“I just called someone a Gifford at work and they refused that it was an insult….

I went for a wee and when I came back David called me over as he had googled it and found it was interesting that he found an article that mentioned Banbury…

So I went round to his computer and he read it out then they laughed saying it was probably me that wrote it….

Just as I was walking off he scrolled up and your picture was there….. I said thats Richard.”

I had a comment on that very same post earlier in the year from someone called Gary who was writing a Best Man speech for someone who used to use Gifford as an insult too. Unfortunately all he could find on the use of the word Gifford in that way was my post.

Both of my sisters will text whenever they’ve heard that word/name as if it’s only me that finds it funny. I can’t be, can I? Is just that I’m the only person to ever write it down? It’s not as if it’s an insult that I use regularly…
It does make me laugh though whenever I come across the name. Such as in this article… now this boy is well and truly a Gifford.

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