The breakfast of champions.

It’s been a year, exactly in fact, since we set off from John o’ Groats to Lands End. Since then, when riding on my own mostly, I’ve thought back to some of the things we saw and what we went through along the way. However, it always seems to be the odd things that I’d forgotten about;

The birds stood, completely still, at the side of the road, in the pouring rain, on the climb up to the campsite in Chepstow.

The massive white bird that flew across the road on our last day in Scotland. And it was huge, no idea what flavour, an Albatross maybe…?

Stopping at the side of quite a major road, clambering up an embankment and going through a gate into a field for a wee. Only to find, halfway though, that there was a deer stood just meters from me watching what I was doing.

But, finally, was the fact that with the exception of just two mornings we started each day with a Pot Noodle. When we’d planned the ride food didn’t really come into it. So once on the road the majority of our refuelling stops happened at petrol stations, and where therefor left with little choice as to what to buy. Why then, when we happened to spend a few nights in Travelodges did we still plump for Pot Noodles…? I’m a little unsure of. How they managed to keep us going each day, is completely beyond me, but they worked.


2 thoughts on “The breakfast of champions.

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  1. I was a bit ahead of you guys and so got a better view.

    It was a Heron. And it was MASSIVE! And by rights, shouldn’t have been able to fly!

    I don’t quite know why we had the pot noodles. Mystery.

    1. I remember you turning around and pointing it out as it flew across the road. Like we could’ve missed it. Readers, it was massive, The Bear is lucky that the bird didn’t pick him up my the shoulders and carried him off to its nest.

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