My eyes.

There’s a scene in Avengers Assemble where Tony Stark covers one of his eyes, and asks how Nick Fury can operate the multi-monitor computer system in front of him. Which is slightly ironic really as Nick Fury wears an eyepatch, and I was sat in a cinema wearing 3D glasses and yet I had trouble making out the computer monitors never mind what was on the screens.

I have written before, quite a while ago now, about my fear of not being able to watch 3D films after having seen two short 3D films and being confronted with two of everything. Well, I have seen two proper 3D films now. And, whilst I can see them (for the most part), I don’t like it.

Now, I don’t know whether it’s me (as in how my eyes and brain are interpreting it), or that (as my good friend, The-lesser-spotted John, has suggested) I may just have happen to have seen two films that have been poorly converted, or that I am seeing them as entirely as intended and that I just don’t like it.

Avengers Assemble is a truly awesome film, but I was left with the feeling that I wish I’d gone to see it in 2D. My eyes don’t like it when they’re forced to focus on something. It doesn’t happen in real life, and it doesn’t happen in regular films; granted, directors will focus on the thing that they want you to look, and will even switch focus between multiple items. However, those items are always the same distance away from my face (which will usually be precisely the same distance I have chosen to sit from the screen). With what I have experienced with 3D though my eyes are being forced to refocus time and time again. Or, as with a fight sequence in AA, left with no choice but to dart around the screen trying to find anything at all to focus on. I also don’t quite understand the style aspect of it. Why, when you’ve gone to the trouble of either building a huge set or closed off a street, would you want it to look as if the star of your film is floating in front of the background? This doesn’t happen in real life either. Well, not sober or fully conscious.

I… I just don’t like it.


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  1. The worst moment for 3D in Avengers for me was when the first Space Snake was flying down from the portal. Because it took up so much of the screen, it almost completely obscures the ground.

    The problem: the ground, at the time, was in focus. After seeing it in 2D, I know this is the case. Because of the nature of 3D space, if something moves in front of your vision, you focus on it. In a 3D film, if the focus of the camera doesn’t match focus to the foreground object, it will remain blurry, yet, the audience will focus on it. What I focused on was a awfully blurry, out-of-focus Space Snake, which almost gave me a insta-migraine. I had a similar thing in THOR, when a bar scene features a bottle waaaay up in the foreground, and blurred. Ladies and gentlemen, the future of cinema. *bow*

    Needless to say, that threw me off completely, and reminded me that I was watching a film – something that AA rarely reminds you of. That, along with the fact I don’t wear glasses normally; the constant uncomfortable pinch of glasses also reminds you of being in a theatre watching a film.

    The point I am trying to make: I have re-vowed to not see another 3D film, unless I absolutely have to. And, with all-due-respect, my eyes are better than yours 😐

  2. Can we stop calling it 3d please?

    All of the characters and scenery is already in 3d, they have 3 dimensions, they’re all clearly visible. Furthermore, this isn’t a 2 dimensional flat cartoon…but film of actual people (in all of their many dimensions)

    Being as the whole idea of it is to draw the movie beyond the screen and into the audience. Thus ‘breaking the 4th wall’. So, can we please call it 4d!?

    I’m glad you understand. Thanks!

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