I know that I should be concentrating on the ride. On going harder, faster, stronger. On the countryside I’m riding through. On other road users… But sometimes, sometimes, all I can seem to concentrate on is that clicking sound.

What is it? My pedals. No, not pedals, pedal. The left one. Definitely the left one, it makes it when I start the downward stroke. Except that, it sometimes does it when I’m applying no pressure at all. Maybe it’s my shoe. It can’t be. Not my shoes, they’re nice and tight, the cleats are done up. Perhaps it’s the saddle. It’s moving side to side on the rails. That’s it. It’s my saddle, my saddle that I bought last month, only it doesn’t make it when I’m stationary. This is silly, don’t stress, I can put the bike in the workshop stand when I get home and try to work out what’s making the noise whilst I have a cup of Earl Grey… like I did last time, when the click failed to appear no matter how many times I turned the pedals. I used to be a bike mechanic, this should be easy. Bike-fu, don’t fail me now… Oh, it’s stopped.


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