What a year. First six months spent training and prepping for the ride of a lifetime, the second trying to stop myself from talking about it and trying to work out what to do next…

Ride/adventure wise; I still have no idea. Well, apart from a three day mini adventure with The Bear; Banbury to Portsmouth to Bristol to home. Which we will do, at some point, as soon as he starts riding again.

Life wise; Jen and I desperately need to go on holiday somewhere, anywhere, just somewhere nice. This always seem to get pushed back though, which it just has been again when we were given two months notice to move out of our house earlier this week. So, by the end of February we shall be living somewhere new. It’s the second time we have been forced to move in a year and a half, and I’m not at all happy about it. I’m not worried, just not looking forward to the process of moving. In fact, my initial thought when the landlady came round to tell us was how on earth am I going to get the sofas back out of the living room. Diagrams, and scale models, are currently being worked on…

To be continued…


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