A huge loss.

Long before The Bear and I decided to do The Ride I’d heard about a local rider who was going to attempt it on a BMX. At that point I didn’t know how long The Ride was, or just how much of a challenge it would be, but I knew enough to know that attempting it on a BMX was totally and utterly ridiculous. However, the local rider in question was Eddie Chaffe. And I knew enough about Eddie to know that if anyone could do it, then it would be him.

Other than to say ‘hello’ to I didn’t know Eddie. In fact the most I ever spoke to him, was the first time we ever spoke, he was making sure that I was alright after I’d been hit on the back of the head by a skateboard. I did however know about Eddie’s ability to ride. I’ve been lucky enough to watch him quite a few times over the years riding both BMX and mountain bikes, and he ruled on both. Sadly, I will never get to witness his truly awesome bike-fu ever again as he died on Tuesday evening.

As I said, other than to say ‘hello’ to, I didn’t know Eddie at all. My friend Ray on the other hand knew him very well indeed, and I hope Ray won’t mind me sharing his Facebook post with you;

“Wanted to wait a while before writing this, wanted to remember as much as possible, include every aspect of who you were, and what you meant to me…
Now your gone I’m remembering so much.. Things I’d forgotten… 1st time I met you, you were this scruffy kid on a dirt bike wearing a hi viz jacket, it was at a dirt event at drayton track, you hit a big set and throw a massive no footer, I turned to a friend and said this kid is going to be someone, boi was I right!!
I enjoyed all of your personality, the mischief, the situations you got me into, the quiet chats, the honesty, the wild trips away and wild nights out!!.. even had great pleasure in getting you angry (BMX is more stylish than mtb!) you helped me become me, taught me to be honest with myself and not worry what anyone else thought, you had everything so dailed in life, you were so intelligent, and so fucking stubborn! Even when you knew you were wrong..
‘Think outside the box ray! Outside the box’ the one quote the keeps coming back to me…. I’m still not sure how to deal with this.. But, having you in my life, and losing you is better to have never had you at all… Your last great gift to us, your friends, is you’ve brought us all so much closer together, something I know you always wanted..
from time to time I’ll post a story or two, boast about the fact I KNEW EDDIE CHAFFE…
Good bye my brother” – Ray Smith.

RIP Eddie Chaffe.


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