The photographer.

Reading back through past posts it seems that I’ve written several times before about not taking photographs. In fact, it would appear, that I’ve written more times on not taking photographs than I have about taking them. And, I’ve fallen into that same trap again. I could blame it on a few things, but I think it really boils down to just one thing; I’m lazy. When I come home from work I like nothing more than sitting down in front of the television, and then staying there until it’s time for bed. Now, I’m not necessarily glued to the television, I’ve just installed myself directly in it’s path. The problem with this is that I’m sat down, when I could/should be doing something else instead. Like photography.
I have a huge love of photography, and should really make more time for myself to take photographs. Rather than just looking at other people’s in books and on the internets. I’m not claiming to be any good, but I do enjoy doing it and I am trying to get better. But it’s the photograph above that has spurred me on to knuckle down and take more.

Earlier in the year, one evening after work, I popped my head through the skylight in our bedroom and took four or five photos with the ломо. The sun had just disappeared behind the horizon, it had just finished raining, and it looked stunning. When I then picked the photos up I was amazed that, for once, I’d captured exactly what I’d seen. That may sound like an odd thing to say, or that I’m being self-deprecating, but it’s quite a rarity for a camera to reflect precisely what you seeing. Especially in poor or failing light. These few photographs however were superb, some of the best I have even taken,and pretty much a complete fluke. And now, thanks to my good friend Alan (he of Alan’s Law), I’ve had one of those photographs printed onto canvas and it now takes pride of place in the living room. I cannot stop looking at it. Every single time I walk in and out of the room I gawp at it. I want more like this. There is an empty space above the bed, and also a space in The Batcave/office, that needs to be filled with a big print.

I’ve spent the last year slowly building up a collection of expired films to load into the ломо. I’ve even managed to find a Kodak Ektachrome-X that expired in March 1979, no idea as to wether it’s going to still work but there’s only one way to find out…

To be continued…


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