My fascination: Now, where were we?

Now, where were we…?

On a train. No, in a capsule, staring at a computer monitor. No, we were talking about time-travel and I got distracted. Sorry. My fascination with time-travel has had to take the back seat for the last 9 months or so, I did start the next instalment but then had to spend the majority of my free time preparing for The Ride. So, because this is the first one in a while it won’t be as in-depth as some of the previous ones. And, in actual fact, it may not even be about time-travel.

Other than the first half of this years season of Doctor Who, I cannot recall seeing any time-travel since I last wrote. And, as I mentioned earlier, what we sat down and watched earlier in the week may not even have been time-travel. At least, the protagonist is repeatedly told by the Source Code’s creator, Dr. Rutledge that it’s not.

Air Force Captain, Colter Stevens wakes up on a train opposite a woman who thinks that he’s someone else. He has no clue as to what is going on and later, when he goes to the bathroom to try and get his head together, he finds himself facing a mirror image that is not his own. Freaked out, now even more so than before, he leaves the bathroom. And, just 8 minutes after he wakes up, the train blows up and he finds himself in a capsule staring at a computer monitor. He has no clue as to how he got here either, but at least the woman sat opposite him here – well, on the computer monitor – knows his real name. The woman, another Air Force Captain, informs him that he must go back and find out which of the passengers blows up the train and that he has just 8 minutes to do so. He then wakes back up on the train in exactly the same place, and time, opposite the woman who thinks he’s called Sean Fentress, and everything replays the same as before. It appears that what we’re watching ‘conscious time-travel,’ which, in a way we are. But, unlike Quantum Leap, it is not ‘course-correction,’ all he can do is find out who blows up the train, not prevent it from happening.

Source Code is brilliant, and left me wanting to watch it again. Which I’ll do, very soon. In the mean time go and watch it yourself, so I can ramble on some more without spoiling it. It’s well worth a watch, and has a nice/clever and subtle cameo to look out for.

To be continued…


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    1. I have, just the once, and have had to draw several diagrams to be able to get my head around what happened. I am planning on writing about it, I just need to give it another watch first…

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