2011.152 – T-minus 6 days…

In just six days time Ken, The Bear, and myself will be on our way from John O’Groats to Lands End. What started as an exchange of just three text messages over a year ago between The Bear and I has somehow spiralled into reality. We are actually doing it.

I’ve just finished getting my bike ready, having fitted new brake blocks; tyres, tubes, and pedals.

We’ve packed, and practiced with, the trailer.

We’ve sorted out transport up to JOG, and back from LE.

We’ve got our accommodation sorted.

And we’ve got our route planned;

Day 1 – 5th June – Inverness
Day 2 – 6th June – Ballachulish
Day 3 – 7th June – Kilmarnock
Day 4 – 8th June – Gretna
Day 5 – 9th June – Bolton-le-Sands
Day 6 – 10th June – Oswestry
Day 7 – 11th June – Chepstow
Day 8 – 12th June – Tiverton
Day 9 – 13th June – Bodmin
Day 10 – 14th June – Lands End

Our we ready? Am I ready? Have I done enough training? Do I have enough fuel reserves…? Unfortunately, there is only one way to find out…

You’re more than welcome to come and say hello, or even join us for a ride once we’re on route, but if you prefer to support us from the comfort of your own home… Please help us to help Katharine House Hospice by sponsoring us on our Just Giving page.


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