2011.096 – T-minus 2 months…

So, just 2 months to go until we set off to ride from John o’ Groats to Land’s End (not the other way around as previously stated. We’re going the easier way, the down hill way).

The training has been going well. The first big ride we did, the 70 miles, at the Watlington Ride It event, we were plagued by punctures and bad weather. Which, were horrible at the time, probably stood us in good stead for what we may have to come. The next big ride, a few weeks later, the 90 miles, at Milton Keynes, went much better. We still had punctures, still got wet, but we coped with them far better than before. Since then I’ve regularly being doing training sessions of 60 miles, which I can comfortably do in 4 hours, I’ve also been taking the long way to work on a singlespeed.

Today however I booked a hotel for our last big test. A test to work out wether we’re actually capable of riding the distance we need to cover in a day. On the 23rd of April we’re going to ride to Poole, which is about 120 miles away. I picked a destination rather than a circuit, because it’ll be harder to chicken out of. It also leaves us with the prospect of having to ride back the following day.

I’ll let you know how we get on…


2 thoughts on “2011.096 – T-minus 2 months…

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    1. We only went and did it. I will write about it, as soon as I can get my head around the enormity of what we did.

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