2011.006 – T-minus 6 months…

Six months today, or thereabouts, we’ll* be setting off on a bike ride from Land’s End to John o’ Groats. We* have an awful lot of training and prep to do, but I shall be keeping you all up to date about we’re getting along. This seemed like a good idea when we decided to do this, but the reality of it is now starting to sink in.

*The ‘we’ has still yet to be finalised.


2 thoughts on “2011.006 – T-minus 6 months…

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  1. John O’Groats to lands end….the wrong way round.
    Ie. The way where we have to ride against the prevailing wind, and the last 300 or so miles are all up hill.

    Or…..formerly known as……the hard way.

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