My eye.

Toy Story 3 will be out at the cinema shortly, which I’m really looking forward to. Except that it’s in 3D, and I’m fairly certain that I can’t watch 3D.

Avatar has been and gone, but before it came out such a big deal was made about the fact that it was being shown in 3D. I didn’t go to see at the cinema, because I wasn’t that bothered about seeing it – and upon seeing it recently on DVD, I’m glad that I didn’t – but my good friend (The-lesser-spotted) John told me that it was spectacular and that if I was going to see it, I should go to see it in 3D. A few weeks later Jen and I were in London and we bought tickets for the London Eye. Before we got to go on it, we were ushered into a small theatre and forced to watch 3D film about the London Eye that we were trying to go on – we’d already bought tickets, I’m still unsure why we then had to go and watch an extended advert for it – except that I could see it; everything was out of focus, and there was at least two of everything. It felt as if I was being brainwashed, and it gave me a headache. I thought at first that maybe the projectionist was having an off day but Jen said that it had been in focus, so it was just me. She also pointed out that I wasn’t wearing my glasses…

I’m neither short, nor long-sighted my eyes simply don’t like switching between things close up and thing far away. Most of the time all that happens is that I get a headache, but if I’m watching television late at night, or driving at night, I get double vision. Which is frustrating whilst watching television, but scary whilst trying to drive down a motorway. The thick-rimmed glasses that I’m wearing at the top of the page have to be that thick to help hide just how thick the lenses are on the outer edge. And the lenses have to be that thick on the outer edge because they force my eyes to work together. Putting them on feels horrible, as it feels as if they’re forcing me to go cross-eyed, and when I take them off it feels as if my left eye in particular has been set free. When I’m tired I simply can’t control it, it feels as if it’s trying to go face away from my right eye, my brain confuses this for tiredness, and I fall asleep. I know my sister Gillian has similar problems, and I was talking her to about the fact that Toy Story 3 is in 3D when my mum mentioned that our sister Amy also can’t watch 3D. I’ve since spoken to Amy and she’d said that “If (I) go in an aquarium shop I have to take my glasses off or I get dizzy ~ something to do with looking at the fishes through all that water.” Which is fantastic news; I can’t go to the cinema to watch Toy Story 3, and now I can’t go to a fish shop either.

If 3D films are the future of cinema, then I may well be in trouble.

Gillian has been referred to an eye specialist about her dodgy left eye, and I think it’s about time that I do the same thing.


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  1. maybe i am wrong here, but do they not still give you the option to watch films in non-3d at larger cinema’s? i know when watching 3d films at mk i would make sure that i was booking for a 3d film rather than a 2d one because often there would be the choice

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