There’s nothing to watch. The American television programs have all come to an end for the year, and some have just come to the end full-stop;

Heroes, isn’t really going to be missed. Whilst the first season was amazing the others fell well short of the mark and I finally got bored and stopped watching somewhere halfway through the last season – roundabout the episode with the court case that happened in Hiro’s head.

Flashforward, built and built into a really good show, you just had to stick with it. It was a massive shame that it got cancelled just as it found it’s legs.

24, I’ll be quite frank with you, I gave up a while ago. The last full season I watched was the one where his dad was the baddy, and it had a bit on an oil-rig, or something, but I got a little bored as it all seemed a little sami. I watched a few episodes of the following season, the one that was set in Washington DC, but the damage had already been done. Should I give it another go?

House, I have no clue as to whether it’s coming back. Does anyone out there know? The final few episodes were awesome.

Really looking forward to Rescue Me coming back at the end of the month, and I know that Entourage is back on then too. But that’s it. I’ve not seen or heard of anything else that’s coming up that sounds good…

As for the end of Lost; the more I read and hear about the finale, the more divided my opinion becomes. I’ve become a little tired of people saying that it was all about the characters. Which the finale was, but that’s not really what the series as a whole was about. It, it has put me in a state of mild turmoil. I loved the episode, loved the story, loved the ending, but I really wanted more answers. I’ve heard the writers say that they didn’t want a scene reminiscent of that scene with The Architect in the second Matrix film, which I wouldn’t either, and a lot of stuff you can guess or interpret what you thought as to what was going on, but there is a lot of stuff that we’ve just been left hanging with and have no means of being able to get to the bottom of it; the Dharma food drops, the time difference between the outside world and The Island, why The Island couldn’t be seen from the outside world and why it was difficult to get to… I’ve also heard people say that it’s a bit like the secret behind a magic trick, and that when you know how it’s done it’s essentially ruined. Which is right – although these people should maybe go and get their own argument for keeping a mystery just that (click here to see J.J. Abrams’ mystery box) – but it’s incredibly frustrating. However, I have heard news of an epilogue that will be included as part of the boxset which they filmed whilst filming the finale. And I can’t decide what I feel about this either. It’s awesome that we get to see more of the characters we know and love, but why wasn’t it part of the final season? And is there actually a need for it? I don’t think that that can be properly answered without knowing precisely what it will include, but it is annoying that we’re being asked to pay for the privilege.


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  1. What we need is to find an amazingly funny and entertaining show that is already into it’s second season, thus giving us enough respite until the new wave of British programming starts towards the end of the year….and the U.S. stuff starts to fire up again.
    We’ve got Misfits S2 and The Inbetweeners S3 to look forward to shortly…..and surely another season of the IT crowd.
    In the meantime…..trawling through stuff to find something that meets the above requirements……hard going! 😦

    1. The IT Crowd returns at the end of this month I think, and I’m still holding out for the ‘miner’ game to make an appearence…

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