ломо 114 – RGAIC.

a month ago I wrote about the flash on the ломо;

but it didn’t make it out into town in that night, because I couldn’t carry it. It would quite happily fit it into the pockets on my jeans, as long as I didn’t intend on sitting down… or walking. So this was the only photograph I took that night, before we left, and in actual fact that was the last photograph I took with that flash because it has since given up the ghost. I now have a new Coloursplash flash, together with looser fitting jeans, and the ломо will be coming out with us this coming Saturday.


2 thoughts on “ломо 114 – RGAIC.

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  1. if there was a way i could like this blog i would! any idea what the turn out for Saturday is going to be like? i saw Ken on Saturday in town and he said he couldnt make it, also face said he probably wouldnt be there due to lack of ID and looking underage

  2. I’m fairly certain that John can’t make it either. As for The Face… we’ll have to get him a fake moustache.

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