Who the man?

Well, despite the fact that even by his own volition he should never say that again, The Eleventh Doctor is.

This latest season; the first one by Steven Moffat, and with Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor, has been awesome so far. Last weeks episode, Flesh and Stone, especially. Scary, brilliant, and funny, all at the same time. The new Doctor has appeared to find his feet now, and is truly wonderful to watch. How awkward he was at the end with Amy was fantastic. The fact that he’ll just ramble on until he works out a plan, that he know’s what he’s doing is brilliant, that he makes mistakes, but he can do all of this and still find the time to show off and have fun. “I made him say comfy chairs.” It’s everything that Doctor Who should be.

There even appeared to be a glimmer last Sunday that The Bear was finally getting over the fact that Ten is no more;

“I saw it last night when I got home. It was awesome!”

“So are you warming to Eleven?”

“I’m re-warming to the show. Still on the fence with Eleven.”

This is the most he’s ever spoken on the subject, as he’ll usually just shake his head, so I suppose that’s somewhat of a result.

That episode also delbt a little with one of the questions which I asked last time; “Where did the cracks in the universe come from?” Which we still don’t know the answer to, but we do know that they appear to be causing time itself to be unwritten…


3 thoughts on “Who the man?

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  1. Wasn’t too fond of vampire episode.
    Last time, episode was good, doctor uninteresting.
    This time, episode bad, doctor better*

    *Better…..not by any means good. Just….well….improving!

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