The ends are nigh…

…for both Ashes To Ashes and Lost, two of the greatest television programs of the past five years.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned Ashes To Ashes here before and I have no idea why, because it’s bloody brilliant. Now I know some people have a problem with it, and say that it’s not as good as Life On Mars, but their problem is usually Alex. Which, you know, I can sort of see. She is at times a little annoying in the first season, when she thinks she knows whats happening to her and what happened to Sam, but I think with what happens in the finale of the first season makes her question that and she’s left even more unsure as to what’s going on. And it’s this that gives Ashes it’s legs. What is going on? At the end of Life On Mars, despite what happened with Sam, we didn’t find out what the past was. Was it the past that he’d unwittingly time-traveled to? Was it the dream he was having whilst in a coma? Or was it something else? In the first season of Ashes Alex believes that it’s all going on in her head, but with what happens in the finale it seems to suggest that she’s time-traveled. In the second season however something happens to suggest that it can’t be time-travel, but in the finale we the viewer are left thinking that both still could be true. Which brings us to the third and final season. Alex keeps being haunted by the vision of policeman in uniform that appears to have been shot in the face, which seems reminiscent of the clown from the first season, other characters appear to be having ‘a Life On Mars moment,’ and Alex appears to be being guided toward what happened to Sam Tyler by a new character Jim. Jim appears to know far more than he’s letting on, and also seems to be guiding the other characters too. To what end? I have no idea. And as to what these ‘moments’ are? Or the significence of the stars? Not a clue. It’s brilliant. I will usually get a couple of texts from my sister Gillian after each episode asking if I have any idea as to what I think this, or that, meant. Last weekend she text; ‘Rob thinks Jim is an Angel,’ but that to me sounds too Quantum Leap. It’s becoming more and more difficult to second guess, which for me is why it’s so appealing.

So, to Lost. Now, I know I said that I wouldn’t, I couldn’t help myself, I started going back on the Lost forum to read other viewers theories. Which, ever since whatever actually happened with the bomb, have been very thin on the ground. The skill of the writers to be able to pull the rug out from underneath everyone so close to the end is astonishing. I know some people don’t like the flash-sideways, because they feel like they’re being cheated, because if ‘whatever happened, happened,’ then where does this sideways world come from? But I think they’re judging it without knowing what it is. We’ve not got enough information to be able make that decision, or to even ask the question; ‘is it a cheat?’ For the time being we should just sit back, and let the Desmonds figure it out for us. So far this season has been fantastic. With Richard’s, sorry, Ricardo’s, and Desmond’s episodes in particular highlights. It’s been very good for answers, although I was slighting disappointed as to what The Whispers are and how quickly it was figured out, and yet we’re still be given the opportunities to go asking new questions…

As I said, the ends are nigh. In three weeks time the finales for both shows will have aired.

Will we have all our questions answered? Hopefully… but probably not.

Am I looking forward to the finales? Yes… and no, all at the same time. I’ll let you know when it’s all over.

I’ve tried quite hard to not mention any key points from either show, so that I wasn’t spoiling anything for those of you that aren’t up to date. But, if I’ve not been as careful or as vague as you would have liked, please let me know if you think anything needs amending.


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  1. I did, and I concur.
    For those you who haven’t see episode s06e14 of Lost – The Candidate – yet, whilst I’m not going to give much away, please stop reading now.
    It is really ramping up now, it’s gutting really that the series is the best that it has ever been, and yet it’s coming to an end. Loads more to speculate upon from that one episode alone;
    What is Widmore up to?
    Is sideways-Bernard aware of the original timeline?
    Why did MIB/unLocke choose to use a gun?
    What did Sayid mean by, “…because it’s going to be you Jack.”?
    How aware is sideways-Locke of the original timeline?
    Is MIB/unLocke able to see the future? and is he omnipotent? He grabs the watch from Widmore’s man before he boards the plane, and at the end of the episode he looks out to see and know’s the exact outcome of his actions. How?

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