The road to…

This post was going to be about Ashes To Ashes and Lost, but they’re both going to have to wait a week.

The Bear has been in training for our ride next year. Well he’s been riding his bike, which is much more than I’ve done. Even his ride to work is impressive, Brackley to Milton Keynes, where as I… it’s not that I need to up my game, as I haven’t even started it. I rode to work yesterday morning; it’s all downhill, I was there in less than one and a half song on my iPod, and I hardly pedalled. After work I set off for home in the wrong direction, but it wasn’t much of a detour. I think though that I’ll start going for a ride after work every time Jen’s working a late, starting off small and gradually getting bigger and bigger.

Sadly I’m not half as fit as I used to be, so at some point I’m going to have to get very serious about my training. My plan was that today I was going to ride to Oxford, but it’s miserable out. We have had some lovely weather over the last few days – I know, because I’ve been able to see it from my office window – and the next time I’m actually off on one of those days, I’m going for it. Now that might sound a little half-hearted but it is a bit of a leap to go from riding a mile and a half to work to twenty-three miles or so to Oxford, especially on a mountainbike, and I have no clue as to just how long it’s going to take, so the least I can ask for is sunny weather to do it in.


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  1. I’m still not sure I’d be happy doing 100 miles a day, But we’ll get there….maybe!
    Lemme know how you get on with ox and back, that’s a sizable ride being your first one out in a while.

    Also, good to hear the awesome-cone is back out in the world.

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