The mad man with a box.

I’ve had well over a year or so to get used to the idea that there was going to be a new Doctor, and it’s been four months since we first saw him, but on Saturday evening he finally arrived. The Eleventh Doctor is here.

The episode, The Eleventh Hour, was brilliant. I didn’t like the new theme tune, I thought that the Atraxi looked a bit poor, I didn’t like that the doors of the TARDIS opened the wrong way – outwards – at the beginning, and was a little disappointed when he popped his head out of them and asked, “Can I have an apple?” But on the whole I loved it. It looked brilliant. The direction appeared to be have been heavily influenced by Edgar Wright, not least because the village it was set in could well have been the one from Hot Fuzz, but the shot of The Doctor recalling that Nurse Boy was facing the opposite way to everybody else on the green*. And it felt a little like a fairy tale; scary, sweet, and funny, all at the same time.

As for The Doctor himself; Whilst he was still cooking, he was quirky and funny, and I think that Steven Moffat did a good job at showing what his regeneration meant. That it wasn’t just his face that had changed. I know The Bear didn’t like the bit with the food at the beginning, but I think it was a good way of showing children and those new to Doctor Who what had happened. Certainly much better than him being all worn out and tired, as he was after his last regeneration. When he finaly found himself, after Prisoner Zero had been taken by the Atraxi, when he made the phone call and started to assemble his new outfit, we still got to have that moment when he realises who he is and how he’s going to act. I don’t think that I can bring myself to say that it was as good as the ‘fighting hand’ from “The Christmas Invasion,” but it was pretty awesome. And he’s finally remembered something that he’d been told he could do, that he can open the TARDIS by clicking his fingers, something that the Tenth Doctor seemed to forget.

The TARDIS looks awesome, like the new outside, love the new even bigger inside – and not just because it has a flip clock – We only saw two rooms of the old TARDIS, and one of those we only saw once, but with all those other doorways coming off the new console room I’m hoping we’ll get to see some more of them.

It’s probably too early to tell where the series is going, but we already appear to have been left some questions;

What happened to Amelias parents? Where did they go?

Where did the cracks in the universe come from?

What does “silence will fall” mean?

Now, more than ever, I’m looking forward to seeing what Steven Moffat does with Doctor Who. This first episode seems to fit in really well with the previous episodes he’s written, as in they all actually deal with time-travel. That may sound like an odd thing to say, but RTD didn’t often write about it. The Doctor would go to different places and times each week and have an adventure, but he didn’t really focus on the time-travel itself and what that actually means…

So far, I’m really happy. You…?

*watching Confidential afterwards showed that that shot was painstakingly done with a still camera.


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  1. As someone who had their ‘Who Virginity’ breached by this episode, I can confirm, there was a lot of ‘primer’ content in this episode. Where I learnt that a Doctors regeneration isn’t necessarily because ‘the actors contract ran out’ – as I had sceptically previously assumed – but actually something that completely changes the character. You’ll also note the nod to Edgar Wright (via Darren Aronofsky (and others?)) with the cooking scene – short, snappy second-long shots, that tell a much longer scene – i.e. cooking bacon. I really hope the character keeps a lot of the quirks (one scene that stood out: when he grabs the glass to listen against the wall, but pays absolutely no attention to all the water he throws on the floor in the process…) throughout the show, and the preview at the end seems to say this is true. All in all, I quite enjoyed it, as per my Facebook comments, but reserve total opinion until I have seen more.

    Also: I like the new theme tune, and you were right, those were WWII planes in space – I got to admit, I’m really looking forward to that episode!

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