2010.87 – What a difference a year makes.

This time last year I was struggling; I couldn’t afford to buy a proper lunch at work, four nights a week my evening meal consisted of Supernoodles and hotdogs – and, for those of you not living in the UK, Supernoodles are not in any way ‘super’, they’re cheap – which caused me to lose quite a bit of weight. I looked ill, I felt tired, and all in all I’d had enough.

Changing jobs, and jettisoning the car late last year, helped me on the road to recovery. And, after earning bonus a few months in a row, I’ve been able to pay off a loan nine months early. I’ve just been paid, and, for the first time in a very long time, I’ve been left with enough so that I could actually put some to one side. I have saved money. It’s not even for anything in particular, I’ve just put it by for a rainy day. Just got to pay off the credit card now, and I’ll be laughing.

Some of you may have noticed already, my experiment to try and live in the 21st century without Facebook has failed. It wasn’t that I was missing looking at other peoples holiday snaps… more a slight sense of paranoia that I was missing out on what was going on in my friends lives, and how awful I may or may not look in their photographs. Turns out it is pretty awful. And, apparently, I look like Murdoch from the A-Team…


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