The tale of three texts.

On Thursday evening I watched a television program about some celebrities raising money for charity. On Friday evening I sent The Bear a text about said program. Two texts later we had somehow arranged something really rather epic.

I used to ride bikes, specifically mountain bikes, a lot. I don’t now, I retired, in all honesty it’s due to laziness more than anything else. I have a bike still – it’s in the cupboard off the balcony gathering dust and cobwebs – although I can’t remember when I last rode it. It’s going to have to be taken out soon though, and I’m going to have to start putting the miles in.

The Bear and I have decided that next year we’re going to ride from Land’s End to John o’ Groats (or the other way around). Which, by road, is a 874 mile ride. It will be a ride of truly epic proportions.

Are either of us capable of doing it? I have no idea.

Will we be completing it on mountain bikes? Not a clue.

Will we be raising money for charity? I don’t know yet.

Will we be wearing capes? Probably, yes.

Am I already regretting sending that initial text? Absolutely.

Am I tempted to back out? Not in the slightest.

We’re going for it.


4 thoughts on “The tale of three texts.

Add yours

  1. Capes…no.
    Wrestling masks….maybe.

    I originally googled it on my phone and didn’t read properly, which led me to believe that it was 600 miles. Turns out, that’s as the crow flies…!

    John is talking of arranging a ‘lunch’ through which we can discuss such subjects as:

    When, how, where….and books!

    How has Jen taken to the idea?

  2. She quite likes the idea of getting rid of me for a week, I think, although this morning she asked if I thought that she’d fit in one of those child trailer things.
    As for lunch, just let me know when you’re next off on a Sunday and we’ll lunch.

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