No escape.

Last year I took two rather brave steps.

One maybe wasn’t so brave, or so big, but it was for someone that had become complacent (okay, lazy). I changed jobs. I left the company where I’d worked for longer than I care to remember, in fact, it was the only place that I had ever really worked. I spent years working in the Banbury branch of Halfords, in various roles, trying to get higher and higher up the food chain. I then moved to Oxford, then to Leamington, and then came back to Banbury where I worked in the same role for just under eight years. And then, for reasons that I still don’t fully understand, I was moved to Redditch. The branch was 45 miles away from where I live, my commute went from a ten minute bike ride to an hours drive overnight. I wasn’t given travel expenses, was given no extra money for going there at all, and it was financially crippling me (which I’m still paying for now). But, being stubborn, or stupid, or a combination of both*, I stuck it out for six months. I then managed to get myself moved to The Leamington branch, which was only 23 miles away, but the damage had already been done. I had come to hate my job, and the company I worked for. I’ve had friends that have hated their jobs, and have never understood why they’ve continued to work them. So, not wanting to be a hypocrite, when I heard of – what I thought, was a similar – position come up at Nationwide Autocentres I went an applied for it. In the interview with the area manager I managed to turn my stubbornness/stupidity into tenacity, he liked me, and I got the job. When I told my friends some of them were pleased for me, but some of them didn’t see the big deal and were convinced that where I now worked was the same place I’d worked before just because it was next door (which it was). But it annoyed me, that they didn’t appreciate what I had done, and the fact that my new job was massively different and far more demanding than my old job. More importantly though, I had a job that actually enjoyed doing, and was working for a company that wasn’t dicking me around.

On Thursday, however, I received and e-mail at work informing me that Nationwide Autocentres have been sold to Halfords. The place where I work will shortly become Halfords Autocentre…


3 thoughts on “No escape.

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  1. That’s properly poo.
    I’m hoping I was the former friend. Though, I was in dark days at the time, so forgive me if I was the latter.

  2. Former. Although, the usage of that word in this instance seems wrong.
    You knew that it wasn’t the same company, or the same business. And, that whilst I was told to apply for it, I didn’t just walk into it.
    Also you’ve been ‘the bad news bear,’ having to tell people that they are going to have to spend money. Rather than helping people spend money that they actually wanted to spend, on something that they actually wanted to buy.
    And… you left. Once into another job, and once into the wilderness – so to speak.

  3. No way… That’s beyond funny.

    What are you going to do? Do you want to set up a TV studio? I should stop watching 30 Rock and Studio 60. Mainly because as I write this, Tracey Jordan’s voice is dictating what I’m writing in my thoughtsicles.

    But seriously, sorry to hear about the big Orange following you.. Hopefully it won’t change much – right?!…

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