Without meaning.

I have in my time; repeatedly fallen down the same set of stairs, found myself unable to run, walked home from town, jumped off a building, drifted a car into a gap in traffic, ridden a giraffe through Times Square, and run around the outer edge of the atmosphere as if it were a giant snow-globe surrounding the earth.

Admittedly this was all in my head, whilst I was soundly asleep. And I do know the difference between dreaming and real life. Although, it is probably for the best that I’m going out with someone with a degree in psychology.

There are books upon books about the interpretations of dreams, and what they mean. Freud, Jung, Hall, and Faraday have all written about dreaming and as to what significance they may or may not have. But I don’t believe any of it, at least, not when it comes to the dreams I have.

Mine appear to be completely nonsensical.

I’ll give you an example;

Kato, our cat, will regularly try to follow us into to town (Which he does). One day, however, he followed me to a local lake (which in real life isn’t local at all, and I have only ever seen it as one of the locations on the television series Misfits). As I stood and looked out over the water a leaf fell from the branch of a tree and Kato became fascinated with it as it made it’s way down towards the lake. After it hit the water, and began to sink, Kato made a dive for the leaf and began to swim after it as it made it’s way to the bottom. The water was crystal clear, I stood in awe as Kato continued to chase after it, and then it struck me. He can’t swim (I’ve never taken him for lessons). I stepped off the path and into the lake, in an attempt to get him back. As I did this someone shouted “Richard,” (as it’s my real name) “your phone” and I remembered that my phone was in my pocket and whilst I didn’t want to ruin it I was desperate to get Kato back. I reached down as far as I could but couldn’t reach him, just as he couldn’t quite reach the leaf, and then he stopped moving. It looked as if someone had just switched him off, but he began to float back upwards, and it was then that I was able to reach him. I scooped him up, climbed out of the lake, and then placed him back down on the path. I didn’t know what to do, so I tried to stand him up. Amazingly it worked. I managed to balance him on his feet, and he swayed gently back and forward for a moment before coughing up all the water he’d swallowed. I stood up. He turned his head to face me, and said, “Why did you let me do that?” And then I woke up.

If you believe that has any significant meaning, then please let me know.

I, for one, think that there maybe something wrong with me.

Sometimes however I will dream about something that I can use. Like the running around the atmosphere dream, which makes up part of chapter twelve. And something I dreamt about a few weeks ago, is probably going to end up being a piece of dialogue in book 2. But for the most part I’ll just have dreams like that, or like the one about the owl and the pussycat (which has nothing to do at all with a pea-green boat), none of which appear to have any meaning whatsoever…


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