This would appear to be the year of living sensibly, at least, it is so far at any rate.

I haven’t used my credit card… I’ve not really paid any of it off yet, but it hasn’t got any larger either.

I’ve treated myself though, to a new iPhone 3gs in white. And whilst I am aware that I didn’t have to pay anything to get it, I am probably paying for it twice over during the period of my new contract. So within the first 31 days of a new year, I have already ignored The Voice that guides me – and it may well happen again with the launch of the poorly named iPad (he will, I think, go nuclear if I were to get one) – however I sold my old one, for a sensible price – which isn’t like me at all – to a heavily televised on-line-old-phone-buying-place, and have used the money to cut a month off the end of a loan.

I’ve continued to cut down on my time wasted on the internet, and as a result have been left with more time to read and write. Which I’m really quite proud of.

Ooh, and I’ve also got better at editing photos using Aperture. So I’ve been able to rescue some rather disappointing photos, with the Holga photo of St Pauls being a particular high point.

So, what else, what next…


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