Magicmoir isn’t missing Facebook in the slightest.

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Well, I did for a bit last Sunday when I found out that I’d missed out on some news. But then, without prompting, two friends told me about it anyway. So I’m good now.
Later that same day The Bear asked me whether I’d actually been wasting that much time on FB and I’m not sure that I gave him a proper answer, but I have one for him now; No, in the grand scheme of things I probably wasn’t, but the ten-15minutes (a couple of times a day) that I was spending on FB together with the time I was spending on other social networking sites meant that I then wasn’t leaving myself with any real time to read or write (more on which in a minute) without neglecting Jen.
Am I perhaps being a bit grumpy and unsociable? Probably, and I do realise that I may well end up missing out on some real life social encounters as a result. But then, I’m also not wasting my time scrolling through an ex work colleagues holiday photos, or finding out what someone I used to know has planted in their virtual allotment…
Anyway. With that time, I’ve finished reading a few books that I’ve had laying around for a while. I’ve also read through the first five chapters of another book, and then set about writing the remainder. Which you can read more about here.


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