Exposing the entire height of a 35mm film so that the sprocket holes show is just plain cool.

So I read a few how-to’s, bodged a 35mm film into my Holga with a few pieces of foam and cardboard, sealed it all up with electricians tape, downloaded and followed a film advance guide, and went out shooting. This morning I shut myself in a cupboard (the darkest place in my flat), removed the back of the camera, carefully rewound the film into the canister using a screwdriver, and then skipped* down to the developers.

It’s here though that my dream of sprocket holes ends. “We can’t do it ~ our machine doesn’t understand what we’re asking it to do and reject’s it…” and that, was that. Sprocket holes denied. Except, that it then got even worse, that they then told me that they had no way of developing the film at all. So I now (may) have some fairly awesome photographs sealed away in a canister forever, unless anyone out there has any sensible suggestions…?

*I lie


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  1. They can’t develop the negative at all? Or they can’t develop it it edge to edge?
    Get yourself down to the college, they do colour photo developing and printing, I’m sure that at the least some hippy like bum will develop it for you in return for a starbucks or something? Owing to the way they do develop and print it (ie Manually), you’ll get exactly what you want!

    Also, the photo technician lady there (who’s name I sadly forget) once used to work on both Dangermouse AND Count Duckula! Win!

    1. They couldn’t do it all. So I will indeed have to find somewhere that does it the proper traditional way. College is a good call… maybe for me to do a course…

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