A confession.

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As of 20:49 on Friday the 1st January 2010, my good friend Martin‘s Facebook status read; “Doctor Who was awesome I cried like a little girl!” The first response he got to this from one of our friends was “Loser…” But in my eyes there wasn’t anything wrong with Martin’s status at all, because my eyes were still full of tears.

There may well be something wrong with me, but the only times I have ever cried whilst watching movies or television is whilst watching sci-fi. Think of any sad moment in a movie or television program, and the chances are that I haven’t cried at it. However make me watch, or even to describe, the final episode of Quantum Leap and you’ll have me crying like a little girl. I’ve described Doctor Who as a bit of a guilty pleasure before, but it too is very effective at making me cry. Towards the end of “The Stolen Earth” where Donna tells The Doctor to turn around and he see’s Rose, had me inexplicably welling up. Which only got worse because when he then started to run towards her; and then got shot my a Dalek, and then he started to regenerate, by which time I’d completely lost all control of my emotions and was really quite thankful for the fact that I was sat watching it on my own.

So, back to New Years day and part two of “The End of Time,” David Tennant’s last episode at the Tenth Doctor. Yes the last 20 minutes or so were a little self-indulgent, and annoying at times, but what came before and after was some truly epic television sci-fi. Clearly you know the Tenth Doctor is going to regenerate – you also know into whom – however the tenth Doctor also knows that he’s going to regenerate which made for a fantastically emotional episode. The scenes with The Doctor and Wilf were just awesome, so sad, so moving, and then his final scene on his own in the Tardis with possibly the greatest and most apt last line of all time, “I don’t want to go.” But then in a violent fiery flash he was gone


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  1. …loser.

    I jest, I jest. Next time I see you though, I would like to know what happens in Quantum Leap. Both as I have never seen it, and a cruel experiment.

  2. I didn’t cry. But I was close. Tears only masked by anger due to, in my opinion, a wasted opportunity at the end.

    I’m yet to sit through a full episode of quantum leap, though I know I should!

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