The greatest photograph I ever did take…?

holga 21 – fiat

Originally uploaded by magicmoir

Well, it’s definitely the greatest my Fiat ever did look.

I wrote on my other blog, a couple of weeks ago now, that I felt that I had been wasting my free time a little. That I had a stack of books to read through, and that I wanted to get back to writing, but that I’d been spending far too much time on; Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. I’m now reading the third book in my stack and whilst I have cut down the amount of time I’ve been spending on the networking sites, I’m struggling with Flickr.

Photography has always been a bit of guilty-pleasure of mine and whilst this doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m any good at it, I do enjoy taking photographs. I’ve bought 3 cameras this year which to some would appear daft, but they each take very different photographs.

The digital SLR is capable of some truly, technically, fantastic shots, with outstanding clarity and detail.

The colours, graininess, and depth of field with the Lomo are superb – when I get it right.

Which leaves us with the Holga. It’s bulky, it looks ridiculous, the film is expensive and a pain to get developed, but the photographs it takes have an awesome dream-like quality which I’ve not been able to replicate with either of the other two. It’s as if the camera is taking a photograph of a recollection, rather than a snapshot of what’s actually there. You can see what I mean by clicking here for a few examples.

I can’t cut down on Flickr, or taking photographs. In fact, I’m intending on being more active with both. I’ve just bought an adaptor so that I can run 35mm film in the Holga, and I’ve also picked up some expired film to experiment with too. I’ve also got a flash for the Lomo on it’s way to me, so I’ll be able to take it on night’s out (as I’ve now run out of expired disposable cameras that I had hidden at the back of drawers). I’ve started using Aperture to edit my photographs, as opposed to iPhoto, and have started uploading them in a far greater format than before. It just needs to stop raining now.


6 thoughts on “The greatest photograph I ever did take…?

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  1. Every time you open the shutter on the Holga it appears as though you’re momentarily transported to cold war Russia. The photos that thing makes are brilliant.

  2. are you getting these developed in banbury or sending them away?

    my holga is covered in tape, i think it still has some 120 in it that i have been bothered to take out in the dark

  3. I am Mikey. There’s a little place up Parsons Street that’ll do it. Although, they won’t stock the film for it.
    What’s with the tape? Is yours majorly suffering from light leaks? I’ve not had that yet, I think, although the first 3 photos of my last film didn’t come out at all…

  4. yeah mine light leaks a treat. all adds to the flavor tho. can hardly complain i paid i think £3 for it on ebay. i love the warmth you get with medium format and plastic lenses very zeiss prime esk

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