In Bruges

This is the second instalment of “texts from The Bear.” It’s quite old, and out of date now, but I was reminded of it last night and instructed to post it. So here, for your reading pleasure, is a film review from The Bear.

“I won’t beat around the bush here. I fucking HATE Colin Farrel. He’s possibly the most annoying and frustrating actor I’ve ever had the misfortune to spend 90 odd minutes watching. And I only went to see ‘In Bruges’ because some fat woman made us late for Iron man. I now must repent. I take back everything I have EVER said about Colin. Throughout this film he is brilliant. Every face he pulls, every action he makes, every word he says….is pure brilliance. And in many cases, pure comic brilliance. The film stands on the sound foundations of a very well written script, one in which you find yourself grinning with delight upon it’s crass, arrogant, bigoted and hilarious vocalisation. It’s a strong runner too. Entertaining to the last, despite being quite slow moving on the whole. Think of it more like a person trying to take in the scenic view of a car accident. Before I needlessly go on for too long, it must be said. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And at points felt like I was going to pass unconcious due to the uncontrollable laughter I had inflicted upon me. Must watch.”

However, I think I’ve stumbled across a more prolific essay-legnth-text-meassage writer. One of which I’ll post very soon indeed.


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