I may well talk (and write) some utter nonsense when I’m sober, but when I’ve had a drink that nonsense get’s turned up to eleven.

When I’m trying to hold a conversation after having a drink I show no signs of having any thought process whatsoever or, sadly,  a point. And it’s such random nonsense at that, non of which appears to link together.

Here are some of the gems something deep inside my brain decided that I wanted to talk about last night;

How Jonty still owes me a theme tune.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix circuit.

The new Apple Mighty Mouse.

Flash memory.

Merino wool.

Long johns.

Fixed-wheel bicycles.

The Guv’nor.

Commenting on a music review.


Our old sofa.

Merino wool, again.

How we were the best bar staff that ever walked the earth.



The voice that guides me.

And that was it, I think, although this list will probably grow a little as more of it comes back to me*. Utter nonsense, the lot of it. I should really apologise to my friends for inflicting it, and myself, on them. Of whom I think Dave and Will bore the brunt of it, sorry guys.

*I may well expand upon some of these subjects in the future too.


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