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My boss is under the impression that I’m a geek. Which I’m not, and I will always try to deny. I say “try” because my argument becomes unstuck when he mentions Doctor Who. It’s not that I’m a massive fan; I don’t go to conventions, I don’t belong to any forums, I don’t dress up like The Doctor*, and I definitely haven’t painted any of the doors in my flat to look like the TARDIS (yet). But Doctor Who is a huge guilty pleasure for me.

The current David Tennant/Russell T Davis incarnation of Doctor Who is adorable, unmissable, and is arguably the best the program has ever been. However this incarnation will be over in the next two months, and I have no idea what to think. When he got shot shot before – by the Dalek, whilst running to be reunited with Rose – and began to regenerate, I almost cried*. Having to then wait an entire week to find out what happened was truly awful, and I’m now having to go through that all over again. Only more protracted and drawn out, and with the knowledge that there will definitely be a new Doctor at the end of it all. Not only that, but Russell will be gone too, and both the outside and the inside of the TARDIS will change too (regenerate perhaps?). It’s slightly frightening, and exciting, all at the same time.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what Steven Moffat does with Doctor Who, but I have no idea what to make of Matt Smith as the new Doctor. The first time I saw a photo of him I couldn’t understand why he’d been chosen, but then when I saw him being interviewed it became quite obvious. However. That was him being interviewed as himself, not The Doctor. Other than his outfit we’ve seen nothing of him as The Doctor at all and I’ll just have to wait to see what he does with the role which, as I said, is “slightly frightening, and exciting, all at the same time.”

*Neither of these two statements are entirely true.


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