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What, well, this is about trends really. What is it that makes you internet users go and look at one photograph over another, or one blog posting over another. And this ins’t about why am I not as popular as… whoever. This has nothing to do with me whatsoever, and everything to do with me all at the same time, this is… market research. WordPress has a page which show’s blog statistics, which is fascinating, but it doesn’t show quite enough information, and it is oh-so-very frustrating. The one thing that it doesn’t show you, the one thing that no set of statistics can show you – well, me – is why? Why is that this blogs most read post, is a rather dull post with a one word title* which contains a photograph of an object I found in a cupboard? I have much funnier, better written, posts. Why that one in particular?

And as for the photograph? Well, that only compounds the problem. That one particular photo is currently my most viewed photograph on Flickr (102 views as of 10th of December 2009). Which is odd, because it’s far from my best photographs that I have on the site.

My current thought’s are that it’s the title of both the blog post and the photograph, that one word*. The word*, I think, I heard Michael Caine use in the film Alfie and isn’t really in current common usage. I’ve since tried to use just one word titles for blog posts and photographs, but none as yet have proved as popular.

This is a question I’m likely to never find the answer for, but I think it’s one I’m going to struggle to stop myself asking. And; why is that more people have chosen to look at a photograph of some worn out Vans, than have looked at a photograph of some rather fine looking homemade cookies? Or that photograph of a train platform in Scotland, over some of the photographs in magic-hour just outside Clifton? And what is it about that one particular photograph of Martin…?

As for the title of this post it comes from a text message from The Bear, the context and the point of which is long since forgotten; “Don’t lie to me about it’s goodity, it’d break my hearts.” (There are bonus points available for correctly identifying the reference). The photograph is just an random old one that I meant to put up on Flickr ages ago, and has nothing whatsoever to do with this post…


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