lomo 10 – daves right eye

Originally uploaded by magicmoir

I wrote a couple a months ago that I’d purchased a ЛОМО camera on eBay, and that I hadn’t the faintest idea how to use it. Well, now I do. Thanks to Jallas, one of my contacts on Flickr, I now know what the switches either side of the shutter do;

“On the front of your lc-a there should be two kind of
switches either side of the lens front? one lists “A, 2.8,
4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16” and this is your aperture (it should
really always be left on A for Automatic, cos otherwise it
messes with other settings eg shutter speed and doesn’t
always produce the right settings) the other side should list “0.8, 1.5, 3, infinity” and this is your focus. This means that 0.8 (metres) is the closest focal length of the camera, and a popular technique is to use your arm to measure the distance from the subject, cos most people’s arms are around 80cm in length. So you can also change the focus using this little switch.”

So if we take the photo here of Dave, whilst the framing of the photo is all down to me, it was pure luck that his face (his right eye in particular) was in focus when all that surrounds him isn’t.

Still, now that I know how to achieve such results, I’m unsure how I’m going to set up photos with live subjects. I mean, I’m not sure that Dave would have been still smiling if moments before this was taken I’d have had to measure out the 80cm’s to face – either with a tape measure, or with me reaching forward to touch him.


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