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I have no idea how this has happened, but I’ve become totally sissified.

Yesterday – a few years ago, I wouldn’t have had a problem with the day I had yesterday at all. In fact, I would have probably gone out on bike for a few hours afterwards – but yesterday I struggled. I walked to work, helped out in the workshop for three hours, before then walking to an allotment, and building a shed with my brother-in-law Rob. I then went round to my parents house for something to eat, where I found myself barely capable of stringing a sentence together, then went home, climbed into the Jacuzzi-bath, and fell asleep.

I have no idea what’s happened to my energy levels?

I have no idea what’s happened to my overall level of manliness? I’m sat typing this whilst drinking tea, and eating a cupcake. The only bottles of alcohol in the flat are wine and Pimms. And I’m still aching after yesterday. Granted we did build something out of wood using hammers and nails, but it was only a shed.

What has happened to me?


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  1. Mr Moir,
    What has happened to you, dare I suggest old age??? No it’s quite possible that you had a really long hard day. However I would recommend you steer clear of the cupcakes though!

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