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I kinda wrote a book a while ago, which is now available to buy at just one on-line bookstore. Which you can get to by clicking here, or clicking on the tab at the side of the page. It’s published under a pseudonym, and it’s about… well, this is how the blurb on the back describes it;

Ben’s a normal kind of guy. He feels under-appreciated at work and takes advantage of his assistant’s good work ethic. He enjoys spending his free time out and about, though mostly at the pub, with his friends. He drives, quickly, and times his journeys in the pursuit of ever shorter periods travelling. Ben also believes that his best friend Ethan can fly.
But it’s more than that.  Ethan goes missing, has different recollections of nights out and has a habit of appearing in peculiar places on odd occasions. Now all Ben has to do is convince Kirsten, Frank, Tom/Luke and Ethan of the truth. And, himself. It would also be helpful if along the way he could understand how the inside of The Darkhorse pub works, and find out why the narrator keeps speaking out of turn.
A witty, humorous and page turning read. With His Head In The Clouds promises a smile, a laugh and the occasional bemused expression for every reader.

Follow this link for more info;


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