As promised

I did promise that as soon as the software update came for my phone that I’d post the odd text message or so from The Bear up here. And, after his humble blog post earlier in the week, it seems only fitting to post something from him in his usuall tsunami-of-words style;

“I don’t know what you’re doing on saturday night, but cancel ALL your plans. Ken is going to a caribbean night at some pub somewhere. And, being his anti-conscience I’ve been invited along to play. I’m sure he’s already invited you. If not, then he’s a damn fool and somewhere, he’s lost his playbook. For some reason, i think he’s trying to hook me up with someone. Perhaps my new understanding of pronoia mixed with my already over engorged though slightly skewed sense of narcissism is leading me to this conclusion. Anyway. It’s 4quid. There’s a free buffet. And apparently you have to dress caribbean. Ken assures me they probably wear jeans and t-shirts over there. But i suspect it’s not difficult for him…if you know what i mean. Though. He does smoke a pipe in a leather bound chair with leather bound notes in his leather bound wallet, so perhaps it is difficult? I dunno. Overlong. Sorry.”


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