fear 3

Originally uploaded by magicmoir

Last week I posted a series of three photos of a bird in distress on flickr. It wasn’t really until I had a text from my friend, The Bear, saying that he wasn’t sure that he’d have been able to take them that I felt any sense of… guilt, I suppose, for sitting and watching what was happening.
My cat, Kato, bought back two birds and was playing with them on the grass right outside my front room. One was dead, the other had a very mangled left wing and appeared not to have long left in this world, and I was captivated. I went and got my new digital SLR and, without giving it a single thought, started taking pictures. I’m not usually morbid, I’m actually quite squeamish, but I sat there watching this poor little birds final moments. Then, amazed at just how well the photos turned out, I uploaded them straight into my photostream.
I… there is a point to this, somewhere…
I’ve started to find the photos harder, and harder, to look at (the one I’ve posted here especially). I do actually have a conscious. But I think I was able to turn it off whilst I was recording the world outside my window…


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