Well, yes, I think I truly am.

I’ve written twice before about season 5 of Lost, and where I thought it might be going, and I think it’s fair to say that I was probably well off course in the first one. As for the second… I think only time will tell, we certainly don’t have enough information to go on after the finale*.

The finale* itself, was absolutely fantastic. So well written, and acted (Ben and Locke especially), and it managed to show us that maybe we have been asking the wrong questions. Instead of ‘who is he?’ we should have been asking ‘what is he?’ and more importantly, ‘what is he doing? What’s the game?’ It also set up perfectly for the next and final season, and has left us fantastically lost. Whilst the way final scene ended was even more frustrating than the finale of the first season, it left us in a place that we have no idea as to precisley what happened or where it’s going to go. Which is very exciting indeed.

*I’ve tried to keep this as vague as possible, just incase you’ve stumbled across this without seeing the finale, and I’ve tried not to give anything away. I will however be writing a follow up to this, which will be a little more indepth. In the meantime however, two articals well worth checking out are; Jay Glatfelter’s, and Popular Mechanics.


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